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Work catalogue

The work catalogue follows the general catalogue by Jenö Takács (1993) as well as the compilations by Wolfgang Suppan (Jenö Takács: Dokumente, Analysen, Kommentare. Eisenstadt 1977), Werner Schulze (Jenö Takács: Die Schaffensjahre 1975-1991), and Christian Heindl (Jenö Takács, in: Komponisten der Gegenwart, 15. Nlfg. 1998 und 31. Nlfg., 2006) an includes complementary statements of the composer and information from the publishing companies. Unpublished (youth) pieces could not be listed entirely for the moment. Missing opus numbers partly were not assigned, partly they point to unpublished or withdrawn works. The original manuscripts, as well as photocopies or microfilms of the unpublished pieces are kept in the library of the University of Music in Graz, the branch of the Graz University of Music in Oberschützen (Burgenland), and in the music collection of the Austrian National Library in Vienna.

The English listing uses the original titles of all works with English translations in [].

Christian Heindl


The works

Piano solo
Organ solo
Accordion solo
Guitar solo
Violoncello solo
Flute solo
Piano four hands / Two pianos
Duos and chamber music with piano
Duos and chamber music without piano
Wind ensemble

Solo instrument(s) and orchestra
String orchestra
Wind orchestra
Choral works
Choir and orchestra
Stage works
Specifically suited for educational use

Within the categories there is chronologic order


WP World premiere
COL Franco Colombo, Belwin Mills, USA
Dob Doblinger, Vienna
Ed. O. Editions Orientale, Alexandria
EMB Editio Musica Budapest
Krenn Musikverlag Ludwig Krenn, Vienna
Molenaar Molenaar's Muziekcentrale NV, Wormerveer
Ms. Manuscript
ÖBV Österreichischer Bundesverlag, Vienna
Schirmer G. Schirmer Inc., New York
Schulz Blasmusikverlag Fritz Schulz, Freiburg i. Br.
Sidem Sidem, Geneva
Tonger Tonger, Cologne
UE Universal Edition, Vienna
Wil Willis Music Co., Cincinnati
WLSM World Library of Sacred Music, Cincinnati


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